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Transformation Management


Organisations are constantly changing and adapting to the environment that they find themselves inhabiting at any given moment in time. The Covid-9 pandemic has unfortunately  highlighted this case in point, both accelerating some change projects whilst postponing others. What is certain is that we will undoubtedly see the ramifications of this past 12 months for years to come.

By preparing your staff in advance to the potential effects of any future change it will make any necessary transformation projects easier to navigate and ultimately more successful. Change for some brings with it periods of high stress, uncertainty and anxiety as we all experience and manage change on an individual basis. We therefore need to understand and appreciate that any upheaval will ultimately be reflected in the behaviours, both positive and negative, displayed by your staff. High performing, loyal and passionate employees may well exhibit behaviour which is totally out of character and can invariably be damaging to the individual themselves, their immediate colleagues and ultimately the future of the organisation.

Able and Rush will work with you to provide your people with bespoke change awareness training, delivered via structured and interactive workshops. This invaluable training, the first step in becoming self-aware, will assist and prepare your staff prior to calmly navigating through periods of uncertainty. Providing that self-awareness will also help and support your staff  as they will start to understand and appreciate what they and their colleagues are experiencing physically and emotionally, providing your organisation with immediate and positive tangible results.

Transformation workshops are developed and delivered only after careful scrutiny and understanding of the anticipated transformation being undertaken by the organisation, along with an overview of the anticipated attendees.

To find out more about how Able and Rush can assist you and your colleagues adapt to change please contact us as we will be only too happy to discuss your particular set of bespoke circumstances in an informal, confidential and no obligation conversation.