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This innovative and ground breaking use of psychometrics underpins much of the work conducted by Able and Rush. The psychometrics is provided by Innate-talent Discovery and is unlike any other assessment that you may have previously undergone or experienced. This is a holistic non-algorithmic approach allowing individuals, teams and organisations to better understand and contextualise why situations arise. That increased understanding helps people to better understand why people (their colleagues and loved ones) behave as they do within specific environments and under certain circumstances and constraints.

Culture is seen as a cumulative symptomatic reflection of how those individuals within an organisation are currently reacting to numerous environmental and human factors placed on them at any one time. Those factors will inevitably include home and social life as well as the individual’s work setting, both being intrinsically linked. What happens at work affects an individual’s home and social life and vice versa. Only by obtaining and understanding an individual’s subconscious level responses do we totally get to discover the true root causes of issues and to then provide positive intervention via structured individual development and support.

People are undoubtedly an organisations biggest asset but they are also potentially an organisations biggest risk. By understanding and working with that risk we can better predict your organisations future and to help it to thrive and prosper.

Within talent management we align a person’s ability to deal with the complexity of that role thereby not forcing the individual into burn out and stress, whilst preventing them from operating beyond what their natural innate talent allows them to do.

The psychometrics importantly provides something that is vital within all change management scenarios and that is self-awareness. Without this vitally important personal insight we automatically build into any future project a high degree of failure. Building project teams around that innate-talent will organically develop psychological safety for them to to operate in and therefore increase a collaborative problem solving, non-judgmental environment. As a result of that psychological safety issues to be resolved  remain the central focus of the team without a negative blame and personalised atmosphere being created. Teams then succeed together and learn together.

The use of these ground breaking psychometrics in such a positive manner is an investment which will ultimately be repaid multiple times downstream in any project. Focusing on managing the potential risk of your greatest assets will increase your organisational productivity, through your people and not at the expense of your people.

To find out just how these ground breaking and innovative psychometrics can accelerate your organisations productivity contact us at Able and Rush for a confidential and no obligation conversation.