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Anti Bullying Awareness

Having experienced and survived workplace bullying, along with a toxic culture I am ‘unfortunately’ well suited to offer you that insightful advice and guidance to others who have suffered a similar fate. The effects of workplace bullying can be a totally debilitating experience for you and also for those loved ones around you as both work and social life are intrinsically linked. What you are experiencing and feeling at work will affect your home and social life and vice versa.

Like me, you will initially go through a plethora of emotions and look at yourself in minute detail, attempting to understand why this negative and destructive behaviour is being aimed at you personally. You may even ask yourself if it is in fact you that has caused these truly dark moments. Have you brought this situation on yourself by your own actions?

My light bulb moment came, to the relief of both myself and my family, after firstly obtaining a deeper understanding of myself. I was fortunate enough to experience the innovative psychometric assessment developed by Innate-Talent Discovery. Not only did the assessment and debrief tell me so much about myself it allowed me to better understand why others behaved and acted as they did. This self-awareness provided me with the ability to then reflect and contextualise those dark and negative situations that I had previously found myself experiencing and suffering from.

This vital provision of self awareness also provided me with a future layer of protection and understanding therefore allowing me to see any future workplace bullying situations developing before they cause any longstanding destructive effects.

So, how will my experiences help you?

Building a psychologically healthy environment we will develop that all important trust within a confidential setting, bringing context to the whole situation by exploring the issues that created those periods of darkness and unhappiness.

You will then be able to understand, heal, forgive and importantly move on with your life in a totally different and positive light.

If you wish to explore this personal and sensitive service in a no obligation, sensitive, confidential  and understanding environment please contact us at Able and Rush.