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Talent Management

Definition of Talent: a combination of cognitive innate supports that allow you to learn at an accelerated pace to master interests that are driven from an intrinsic subconscious level.

There is so much wasted talent out there that could easily be harnessed to resolve the issues that your organisation currently faces in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of ours. We need to be able to discover that talent potential, nurture, support and provide it with the right opportunities. That potential may well be sitting dormant within your own organisation, simply waiting to be unleashed within a psychologically safe environment. They may be your future and be the difference between you and a thriving sustainable organisation.

Talent management is the key to any organisational transformation. Able and Rush use innovative psychometrics to understand the innate talent complexity potential of your staff ensuring that they align with the correct role within your team. As a consequence of adopting this surprisingly simple strategy it provides extensive and far-reaching benefits.

Those benefits include:

  • A deeper individual self-awareness
  • A deeper appreciation and understanding of colleagues and their visible behaviours displayed
  • An increase in workplace diversity and collaborative working environments
  • An increase in organisational psychological safety  with conflict becoming a pleasurable experience rather  than something to be avoided, to the detriment of the organisation, as issues are managed in a non-judgmental rather than individualised setting. Conflict is then seen as a positive, innovative and creative experience with issues being dealt with in a collaborative and team environment.
  • The ability to contextualise organisational issues and to then provide valid, logical and long-term solutions.
  • An increase in staff wellbeing and a reduction of mental health issues, bullying and toxic environments
  • A heightened organisational awareness as to where staff issues are likely to arise and the ability to then intervene prior to any issues escalating
  • The removal of costly, time consuming and ineffective staff surveys
  • The discovery and nurturing of future leadership potential
  • An increase in staff job satisfaction with a balanced and fulfilled home/ social life
  • A reduction in staff turnover and its associated expenses (financial and experience)

Able and Rush will realise and release your organisations talent, ultimately benefitting  your organisation and the individuals within it, increasing your organisation’s performance through your people, not at the expense of your people.

Able and Rush use a holistic psychometric process developed by Innate-Talent Discovery and delivered in conjunction with them.

To explore how Able and Rush could assist you to discover the talent that lies within your organisation and to assist you to recruit staff who will ensure that your organisation thrives ad flourishes contact us for a no obligation and confidential conversation.