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Transformation Management

Organisations are in a constant state of transformation, striving to adapt to the environment that surrounds them. Able and Rush will provide you with bespoke change awareness training, delivered via bespoke, facilitated and interactive workshops.

Crew Resource Management

Crew Resource Management has long been a predominantly aviation-based training strategy but its obvious and widespread benefits are now being understood and realised across a broader business spectrum.

Organisational Development

Able and Rush will work with you to develop your organisation and to achieve its goals, helping you to navigate complexity, diagnose underlying issues, whilst realising opportunities and selecting the best approaches to accelerate development.


This exciting, innovative and holistic use of psychometrics will provide extensive and far-reaching individual, team and organisational benefits. Your whole organisation will then fly as a result of a thriving and engaged staff.

Talent Management

Utilising innovative and ground breaking psychometrics in a holistic manner we will align your people’s innate talent complexity potential to the right role whilst unlocking a raft of extensive benefits for the individual and organisation.


Able and Rush offer you a unique coaching experience where you will develop in a psychologically safe and confidential environment, unlocking your true potential and helping you to become the very best version of yourself.


Having your meeting, CPD or ‘away day’ professionally planned and facilitated will maximise and realise extensive benefits for you and your organisation. Your time is precious and by investing wisely you will immediately witness a return on that investment.

Anti Bullying Awareness

Having had first hand experience of the negative and devastating effects of bullying and toxic environments Able and Rush can help you and your colleagues to prevent, understand, heal and to move on positively from these potentially debilitating situations.


Mediation can be seen as the last resort between two parties in conflict but at Able and Rush we see conflict as a fantastic opportunity to rebuild relationships and provide a far deeper understanding for a better more productive and innovative future.

Author and Guest Speaker

Soon to be published is a truly insightful book covering over 30 years of policing providing a thoroughly balanced perspective of the good, bad and ugly moments a truly unique career which will never ever again be replicated.

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