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Why not optimise those precious  ‘away days’, meetings or Continuous Professional Development (CPD) days  by having them planned and delivered  to your specific needs, making them a day to remember whilst invigorating your staff?

From very early on in my career I learnt the fantastic analogy of ‘polishing fish’! I will explain. All too often we take those tired, sometimes damaged and dirty, fish out of the mirky pond for a day for a meeting or teambuilding exercise. They are inevitably invigorated by the whole experience only to be placed back into the mirky water to accumulate the debris of everyday life. The polished fish does not last very long before succumbing to other ideas and processes that diminish that lustre obtained during the day ‘out of the pond’.

The question is, how do we possibly ensure that we don’t simply polish the fish but when they go back into the mirky water of the pond they actually start to clean the water in the pond that surrounds them?

By working with you to create innovative and inspiring days that are relevant to real world situations and based on real life experiences, carefully challenging and providing individuals with solutions we will inspire your people to confidently go back into the pond and to make a very real and positive difference. Your people will begin to influence others around them rather than the reverse process! The newly polished and invigorated ‘fish’ then become the conduit for the positive transformation of your organisation.

As with any transformation that initial change has to start with the individual, allowing them to understand what they are feeling and experiencing in their day-to-day life. Using innovative psychometrics to obtain that knowledge  allows Able and Rush to facilitate those enlightening conversations in a psychologically safe environment.

Able and Rush are more than happy to deliver these events at your own premises or to utilise any one of a number of amazing and stunning locations within Staffordshire available to them, making the day an even more memorable and productive experience.

To explore the possibilities of having your special event planned and facilitated, maximising its potential, please contact us at Able and Rush for a no obligation informal conversation.