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For many years having a coach or seeking assistance was seen to be the sign of an individual’s weakness and was considered to be stigma. You would be seen as not being able to cope in your role or personal life with nobody wanting to be seen to require such support or even admit to themselves that they required that all important crutch to lean on. Times are thankfully changing for the better.

Having experienced over 30yrs of operational employment it is actually criminal as to how much wasted talent sits dormant and untapped within our respective organisations. With that support and coaching they could have been the very people who thrived and would have provided innovative solutions to organisational problems.

The world has also changed considerably and is far more complex, volatile, ambiguous and uncertain so we simply cannot be expected to have all the answers and we actually damage ourselves by not seeking out that help and support  to figure out ourselves and our environment. There is a real danger of our leaders burning out, becoming increasingly stressed and lonely, having no one to turn to for a compassionate, understanding ear to listen to their and unburden their issues. There is a also a cumulative effect on your health (mental and physical) as all of these smaller issues will invariably build and build until they become a negative behaviour or experience which then effects both work and social life as they are intrinsically linked.

We all have  an innate-talent potential and coaching will undoubtedly help you to unlock that treasure chest that sits within you, maximising your performance and assisting you to become the best version of yourself.

As everyone is different coaching sessions are bespoke to your own personal needs, allowing you to personally explore and unlock innovative and creative solutions whilst contextualising the situations and environments that surround you. Coaching will allow you to bring clarity to that complex, volatile, ambiguous and uncertain world.

Sessions are confidential and are built around a trusting environment exploring the one vital ingredient to your own future success, you. By focusing on providing you with that all important initial building block of  self-awareness,  we create that steadfast and solid foundation on which to build a  higher and stronger structure which will survive the test of time.

There is also an opportunity for clients to experience the Innate-Talent Discovery assessment which will further unlock your potential, accelerating the process and making you the best version of yourself at work and play. The assessment puts a mirror in front of you and allows you to  strip away those years of smoke that have accumulated and distorted your vision of yourself. It then reveals your true self, utilising the subconscious responses provided via a holistic, non-algorithmic assessment. Following the assessment there will be  a vitally important debrief of your responses and reactions to the assessment, allowing you to then reflect on the findings. You will then be able to move on with confidence along with degree of self awareness not previously experienced. That self-awareness also provides a layer of protection from the bumps and bruises of life for you and your loved ones .

Investing in yourself will ultimately be an investment in your family, loved ones, your health (physical and mental) and your future.

Please feel free to contact us at Able and Rush to discuss how a bespoke coaching experience will help you to better understand yourself and to thrive in both your work and personal life.